Access Learning

Our Access Learning programme is delivered in Nottinghamshire, and is fully funded by our partners INSPIRE Nottinghamshire.

The courses are planned and designed to support people living in care to have fun and enjoy their lives to the full. We have been providing courses and learning in care settings across the county for the previous seven years, with a mix of reminiscence and creative activities.

Our Access Learning courses are now delivered virtually, using Zoom. A course consists of five sessions Each session runs for two hours. We recommend that you limit the workshop to two people per screen, unless you are casting onto a large screen. Once you have booked we will provide you with free guidance and support on setup and audio visual considerations for your first session.

Creative Paths (elderly woman wearing old fashioned helmet)

Sensory Seasons

Sensory Seasons is a course exploring an eclectic mix of themes focused on the seasons of the year, the natural world, and different sensory activities. We have sessions exploring nature, woodlands, the seaside and holidays, important celebrations, and more. The multi-sensory aspects of this course are great for promoting engagement and recall, a relaxing experience, and supporting creative activities.

Creative Reminiscence

Our Creative Reminiscence course is an engaging mix of discussion and creativity. The course has five different sessions, covering a range of engaging discussion topics to stimulate memories and promote conversations. We cover themes such as childhood, fashion, experiences of going to the movies and how life has changed over the decades.

This course is beneficial for encouraging reflection, discussion, and for participants to learn about each other’s social histories.