November 2020

Activity Spark

Peace Doves and Immortal Peacocks

For this month’s resource pack we have been inspired by animals and beasts. Animals are often depicted in art and have influenced art, design, and decoration over the centuries. Artists sometimes use animals to symbolise concepts and emotions, for example, Peacocks have been used to represent pride and Doves represent Peace. Animal art has influenced what we wear, what we have in our homes, and how we perceive ourselves. From the very first cave art, animals have been our creative and artistic muse!

Our featured artist this month is Picasso, he had a fascination with animals which he often expressed in his artwork. As it is Reminiscence Sunday this month we have chosen his famous ‘ Peace Dove’ paintings to inspire us to both create and remember.

This Month’s Cause

Our cause this month is Chidren in Needs – Act Your Age’
Children in Need are asking you to take your age and do something good with it.

Simply take your age, the combined age of your friends, family and workmates, or the age of something or someone special, and turn it into a fundraiser. It could be the distance you cover, the duration you do it for, the number of things you do or your sponsorship target – whatever it is, you’ll be helping to change young lives across the UK. This would be a nice activity to do with residents that have a birthday in November.

There are free resources to download, a link to set up your online fundraising page and some inspiring fundraising stories, we’ve got everything you need below.